Thursday, February 11, 2010

Male Erections, Pictures Male Genital Exam Procedures?

Male genital exam procedures? - male erections, pictures

I am a man and I've never had a genital examination before. But lately, I step there, and I think I should probably get checked .. and wondered how it feels?

Do I have to work things and wear a dress? .. Cos IN ABIT concerned the only person that I still have my gf naked

What they do during the exam? is to peel the skin or compression to the testicles? Scratches on the skin cells or needles? I need to check during an erection?

How long does the review take? I sometimes read that they need to take pictures for folders or for the classroom. the idea of pictures of my genitals of other students a little scared .. I noticed it leaning?

Finally, it is possible tor my GF with me in the room while the test is performed?

I hope someone can me with what I'm in for a medical examination and help a little worried too. Thanks


Gawaine R said...

Photographed without their consent would be a crime.
A needle biopsy is not a normal part of an investigation of the genitalia. Scrape the skin cells is necessary, unless you have a mole that seems to pre-cancers, that would be very unusual for a young man. The doctor will check for warts, because they are contagious and require treatment. Do not hurry to the testicles, scrotum, but it should be palpated (with the fingers) feeling to detect lumps. They are not interested in their construction, only if you do not have to complain.
I did not know, ask your GF to be in the room with you - only be encouraged.

Mike J said...

Take it easy. Relax to the full and be honest. Do not take the GF, if she is there, one can not talk to your doctor, talk to his girlfriend for talking to your doctor. (You already know what I mean, you think, think, what they see as more of what you are) tell the truth.

BillRobb... said...

No big deal, you have no problem

gay g said...

not bad. Wait, you get to the doctor.

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